Salon Disinfection


Germicidal Cleaner & Deodorant Concentrate is a multi-purpose formula that disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes in one labor saving step. One gallon makes up to 265 quarts.

Use this product on washable, hard, nonporous surfaces such as walls, floors, counters, empty sinks or basins as well as metal, sealed stone, stainless steel, glazed tile or ceramic surfaces. This product can also be used to disinfect brushes and combs.

Sizes Available    16oz, and Gallons

Multi Purpose Disinfectant

Spa Essential's Multi Purpose Disinfectant is an E.P.A. registered Fungicide and Virucide used to disinfect in hospitals, health clubs, salons, spas, tanning beds, foot bath surfaces.

Sizes Available    Gallons

Jetline Cleaner

Spa Essential's Jet Line Cleaner keeps spa and jetted tub plumbing clear from oils, dirt, scale, and biofilm. Its concentrated, non-foaming, chelating detergent is designed to strip and flush scale and bio-film out of your chair's 8 feet of plumbing.

Sizes Available    16oz and Gallon

Basin Gloss

Spa Essential's Basin Gloss is designed to clean, polish, and protect the pedicure chair, basin and pedicurist stool. It is safe to use on all hard plastic, laminated and metal surfaces in your salon while giving your pedicure station a glossy, "like new" appearance. (Do not use on leather chairs)

Sizes Available    16oz