Divina Germicide is SUPER CONCENTRATED. Although Germicide kills the same organisms as the other leading brand, their mixture ratio is 8 ounces per gallon of water. Divinas Germicide requires only 2oz per gallon. A container of Germicide will make 4 X more disinfectant solution than the leading brand saving you money every day.
Yes, our Honey Almond, Aloe Vera, Cherry Blossom, and Tropical Shampoo concentrates are completely safe to use full strength.
Although Divina’s regular crème developers have set the industry standard for crème developers for 50 years, Divina’s European Developers are slightly thicker so when applying it does not run and stays on the hair longer for maximum lifting. The European formula is also enriched with Argan Oil and Keratin to help protect the hair shaft during coloring.

Yes, the Divina Crème Developer, European Crème Developer, and clear liquid developer can be used with just about any color brand in the world that calls for peroxide developer. Always test first to get the right results.