October 2023


Employee of the MonthName: Tomas Jimenez

Position: Production Manager. Tomas’ role is crucial for our Divina/Phoenix team’s safety, quality control, and efficient production goals. With a broad range of responsibilities, Tomas ensures that the required quantity of product is produced on time and by delivery dates. He provides and manages production schedules while overseeing equipment maintenance and operation. Tomas also maintains and communicates goals for employee performance, implements training, and recognizes motivation is vital in maintaining a positive and productive work environment. Tomas’ exceptional skills make him a key player in the success of our Divina/ Phoenix teams.

Background: With nine years of extensive sales experience in the restaurant industry, Tomas has honed his skills in creating new customers, establishing delivery routes, and conducting sales training. Additionally, his eight years of experience in menu creation and ingredient shopping have equipped him with organizational expertise. His unique skill set has been applied to production management, where organization and attention to detail are critical in achieving goals and a smooth product workflow. Tomas is skilled in training and mentoring employees, sharing knowledge and expertise to help them advance in their careers.

Years With Divina/Phoenix: 9 Years. Anniversary date: June 23rd.

Unique Fun Fact: Tomas is passionate about cooking! He is constantly learning new recipes to try out in the kitchen and experiencing new foods. To unwind, Tomas likes to relax in a pool. He also enjoys some casino recreational games and entertainment.

Personal Life: When Tomas isn’t catching a boxing match or soccer game, he can be found at music concerts, especially those showcasing rock, ballads, and salsa. But nothing is more important to him than spending quality time with his family, especially his mother. He makes it a top priority to set aside time for them.

Personal Message: Tomas says, “As production manager, I am committed to ensuring that all of our customers receive products and services of the highest quality that meet their production needs efficiently and effectively. How?

  • By providing customers with production timelines and schedules.
  • By ensuring that production runs smoothly and on time to meet customer deadlines.
  • By keeping customer care/customers up-to-date on order status and any issues that may arise.
  • By responding promptly to any customer inquiries or concerns.

I take pride in my role, am passionate about delivering excellence, and am dedicated to building solid relationships with you, our Divina/Phoenix customers.”

Dedicated Thomas J

Labor Day Celebration — Thank You!

Our employees are the core of our company culture and the Divina/Phoenix family. They are the backbone of our success. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication. To celebrate this Labor Day, we took the opportunity to host a BBQ. This was a perfect occasion to show our appreciation and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

On Friday, September 1st, the Haase family and our management enjoyed thanking our hardworking employees for their contributions to our success. Our picnic spread included picnic fare of chicken, burgers, and hot dogs, along with other complementary food and beverages. Our team of cooks, Larry Haase and Tomas Jimenez, manned the grills along with assistant cooks, John Haase and Beverly Massoni, to help them.

Our servers, Anthony, Emily, and Shaun Haase, and Chris Naples, made sure everyone was served.

Special aprons designed by Corina Hughes from our Creative Design Department were featured at the event to include the presence of our VP of Operations, Courtney Pellett, who was away. Although she could not attend in person, our cooks and servers proudly wore the aprons to show full team support as we honored our employees.

To our valued customers and all workers, thank you for your support and commitment. You are greatly appreciated, and we wish you all continued success in the years to come. Keep up the great work!

Labor Day

Introducing Divina’s New STAIN ERASE, Haircolor Stain Remover!

STAIN ERASE is an innovativve solution for getting rid of unwanted hair color stains and residue on the forehead, temple, ears, and neck. Our fast-acting formula is gentle on your skin. It effectively removes color stains and residue during and immediately after color services. 

  • Innovative and fast-acting formula 
  • Light, fresh, and clean fragrance 
  • Contains skin-soothing Aloe Vera Leaf Juice 
  • Beautify hairlines during and after color services
    Allows the colorist/stylist to offer a more premium service to clients by delivering a mess-free color treatment. 
  • Two sizes: 16oz with push/pull nozzle & gallon size for easy refills. 


Digital Appearance (Series — Part 8 of 9) Effective Brand Communications

Digital Marketing Series 8 Brand Awareness

Welcome to the eighth part of our ninepart series, where we will discuss the crucial role of communication in your company’s branding.

Branding, marketing, and communication all fall under the marketing and promotional umbrella and are vital to your company’s branding. These terms are often used interchangeably and work together to put your best foot forward in the face of fierce competition. Effective brand communication fosters connection, appreciation, and understanding between the company and the consumer, which leads to increased customer loyalty and engagement. 

Companies must align their branding, marketing, and communication strategies with their overall business objectives to succeed. This brings us to brand communication, encompassing everything you put out for your clients. This includes: 

Advertisements, both digital and printed materials. 

  • Emails and E-blasts containing direct promotions, birthday gifts, holiday wishes, and more. 
  • Newsletters/blogs, which clients and potential clients can sign up to receive. 
  • Brochures, both digital and printed materials. 
  • Website, which should reflect your branding style and communication strategy. 
  • Social Media, where consistency across all platforms is key. 

Please remember that everything you communicate to your clients is part of your brand communication, and it’s crucial to ensure that it aligns with your overall branding strategy.

Why Customer Care is Critical to Brand Communication
Your customer care strategy shapes your brand’s communication style. Every interaction counts, from phone greetings to email signatures, and how your staff handles different scenarios is critical to your business reputation. Although the list of considerations may be extensive, it’s essential to ensure that every aspect aligns with your brand’s values and expectations.

Effective Brand Communication for Businesses
Brand communication is an essential and powerful tool that companies use to their advantage, providing several crucial benefits to your business, including:Brand messaging

  • Builds trusting relationships. 
  • Connects on an emotional level. 
  • Increases brand recognition. 
  • Fosters long-term customer loyalty. 
  • Differentiates your brand from competitors. 
  • Drives increased sales. 
  • Company longevity. 

Creating a Strong Brand Identity Through Consistent Communication
Consistency is key when it comes to branding. Maintaining a unified message across all communications can enhance your brand’s recognition. The more you expose your brand, the more likely your customers and potential customers will connect with your business. By constantly staying in contact with your clients and potential clients, you keep them informed about your company’s latest activities, upcoming events, and other features that may not always be visible.

Strategic Communication Planning for Business Growth
To establish a solid foundation for your business, it’s important to plan all communications in advance. Consider creating a comprehensive annual plan that covers various aspects, such as:Strategic Communications

  • Promotions, advertising, education, communications, social campaigns, newsletters/blogs, and e-blasts. 
  • This plan/guide will help you navigate your goals and stay on track to achieve success. 
  • Utilize a CRM—customer relationship management software—to manage your plan and maintain consistency across all communication channels. 
  • Avoid overwhelming your audience by releasing too much information at once. Instead, spread it out over time with monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-yearly increments. 
  • Begin with larger goal chunks, then break them down into smaller tasks. 

Stay tuned. Learn More about “goal chunking” next month! 

Disclaimer: As you might already know, my expertise is limited. I have only briefly touched on topics that you can easily search for more information on the Internet. Many professionals are also willing to help you with these topics. 

Beverly Massoni

As always, I am here to help you grow and support you with your Divina needs.

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