November 2023


Luis employee of the monthName: Luis Munoz

Position: Meet Luis, a committed and skilled Buyer, who is a vital Divina/Phoenix Purchasing Department member. Luis is responsible for procuring goods for our businesses. His role requires extensive research and contract negotiation with suppliers, inventory management, quality assessment, and budget adherence. Luis and our purchasing team are committed to sourcing top-quality materials and products for our production lines and services. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best possible products to our customers.

Background: With 17 years of experience in the aerospace and manufacturing industries, Luis brings extensive knowledge in accounting, exceptional attention to detail, strong mathematical and analytical skills, and excellent negotiation skills. These qualities make him an invaluable member of the team. At Divina/Phoenix, we take pride in our diligent and professional purchasing services, thanks to Luis and the purchasing team.

Years With Divina/Phoenix: 4 Years. Anniversary date: June 3rd

Unique Fun Fact: Luis loves playing tennis! The “fun factor” is a true game-changer, as it’s a fun social activity that anyone can enjoy. Besides being a lifelong sport, tennis also instills valuable traits such as discipline, patience, and teamwork, keeping the mind sharp with tactical thinking. Playing tennis inspires positivity, confidence, energy, and, most importantly, after a busy week, his favorite, RELAXATION!

Personal Life: Luis is happily the father of three beautiful children: Francisco (24 years old), who Graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences from UConn; Rodrigo (22 years old), who graduated in Electrical Technology from MST and currently lives in LA, California, and his little girl Cielo Mia (20 years old), now a second-year student in psychology program of UConn.

Personal Message: Luis says, “You will find that I am a composed and driven individual with a clear vision for success. My focus is on achieving my personal, family, and professional goals. I am proud to work for Phoenix, a small, family-run company with the boldness and resilience of a giant corporation. Our products are positioned daily in a highly competitive market, and we thrive on the challenges that drive us toward our goals for growing your business.

I am committed to building solid relationships with you, our valued Divina/Phoenix customers. Our purchasing team and I are dedicated to providing diligent and professional services in which we take great pride. Thank you for choosing Divina/Phoenix. I look forward to working with you!”

Employee of the month


November 23 – 27, 2023

December 25, 2023 – January 1, 2024
Christmas — New Year’s Day

Remember To Plan Ahead
Please place your orders early so we can schedule deliveries accordingly. We appreciate you, your business, and your partnership. Have safe and happy holidays!

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Introducing Divina’s New STAIN ERASE, Haircolor Stain Remover!

STAIN ERASE is an innovativve solution for getting rid of unwanted hair color stains and residue on the forehead, temple, ears, and neck. Our fast-acting formula is gentle on your skin. It effectively removes color stains and residue during and immediately after color services.

  • Innovative and fast-acting formula
  • Light, fresh, and clean fragrance
  • Contains skin-soothing Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
  • Beautify hairlines during and after color services
    Allows the colorist/stylist to offer a more premium service to clients by delivering a mess-free color treatment.
  • Two sizes: 16oz with push/pull nozzle & gallon size for easy refills.



Digital Appearance (Series — Part 9 of 9)
Your Guide to Achieving Brand Recognition Success

Brand Loyalty

Thank you for following along with this comprehensive 9-part series. I hope that the information I provided was helpful and that you were able to implement some of it into your business practices. Here is the final topic on this piece.

Create excitement around your business!

  • Customer Loyalty Program — In a world where almost anything can be bought from anywhere, create a reason for your client to keep purchases with your business. Create a loyalty program that rewards your clients for their purchases or incentivizes them to purchase more.
  • Social Media Contest — Everyone loves winning a contest. To capture the attention of customers, partner with manufacturers to create an exciting social media give-away. Holding a contest on a monthly basis keeps everyone interested and involved. Don’t forget to follow up with the winners to foster a strong relationship.
Here is an idea to promote your products. Try featuring a new product each month and encouraging your audience to share photos of their results with the product. Each tagged photo will get them entered in a drawing that will be held live. These tags will highlight your content, increase the organic reach of your post, and grow your social network.
  • Reviews — Showcasing your business is essential, and one way to do so is by encouraging customers to leave reviews on platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Ultimately, having more reviews is more valuable than having none at all, as potential customers often rely on the opinions of others to make informed decisions.
  • Join Local Groups — There are many beauty professional groups that you and your key staff members can become part of, which can bring more exposure to your business. By participating in these groups, you can sponsor them and advertise your business even further.
  • Get Involved With Your Community — Being a part of a fundraiser or community event will show you care and your commitment to the community, but it also increases exposure to your business.


Goal Chunking: Taking It One Step At A Time 
Achieving your goals with all the tasks that come with them can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts, otherwise known as “goal chunking,” will allow you to approach each goal one step at a time. This process helps you understand the smaller steps involved and will give you an idea for a timeline. Goal chunking can be done with actionable steps in a time frame you want to achieve them. Here are some valuable steps to get you started with goal chunking.

Set goals

  • To achieve your objective, put it down on paper, your computer, or your mobile device.
  • List or jot down ideas as they come into your mind.
  • Once your tasks are listed, prioritize them in the order that is the most organized way of achieving them and set aside time to achieve them.
  • Now, go through the list to add manageable sub-tasks to them on the steps you will need to take to achieve the goals you have set for yourself/your business. The steps can be broken down by months; then, you can further break them down by making obtainable weekly tasks.
  • Once your list is complete, start working on it. Just know that goals are constantly modified, and so will your steps in achieving them.


All newsletters are available on our website ( for your convenience and reference. Let’s take a look at all of the information that was shared with you this past year.

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August 2023 — Why Every Business Needs A Website 
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September 2023 — Strengthening Business Partnerships Through Improved Customer Relationships and The Use Of CRMs 
Relationships are crucial and the backbone of a business’s success story. Having a digital support system to assist you will help you to maintain these valuable connections.

October 2023 — Effective Brand Communications 
Branding goes beyond logos, fonts, and colors – it’s about effectively communicating with your customers. Making sure that all aspects of your business align with your brand image and messaging is critical for success and growth.

November 2023 — Putting It All Together (This Publication) 
The never-ending to-do list can be daunting, with long and short-term tasks piling up. But don’t panic! Using the goal-chunking method and breaking your time into smaller segments can help you manage your time more and achieve your goals with intention.

I hope you have enjoyed all of this valuable information that I have shared with you over the course of nine months. I welcome any feedback and would love to hear from you on any future topics I can help you with.

Disclaimer: My expertise is limited. I have briefly touched on topics. You can Internet search for more info or seek professionals to help you.

Beverly Massoni

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